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The Libertarian Party exists to offer Americans real choice --and change--on election day. (See below for long version; but first, here are things to do and places to go...)

SPECIAL ELECTION MEETING (Note different location)
Cal State University Northridge
18111 Nordhoff Street, Sierra Hall, Room 290
Special time: 6 - 8 PM (Business starts at 7)

Next meeting: Thursday July 26, 2018

Upcoming Events: 

Next Pub Club: July 20, 2018 at The Crabby Crab, south of the 101, north of Ventura Blvd. at 4457 Van Nuys Blvd.

San Fernando Valley Region Officers:

  1. Chair and Region Representative  Come to meeting as a dues paying member and select 6/21/18

  2. Vice Chair  Danica Ostrander
  3. Treasurer  Edward Bowers 

The Libertarian Party: the Party of Principle

The LP gives people a choice--and a chance to make a difference.  While a political party is not the only avenue for affecting positive change, libertarian activists have the opportunity to "work within the system"--to use mechanisms already in place to make sure that Liberty is on the ballot, in the form of pro-freedom candidates and propositions.  There are still folks who believe that the purpose of the United States is to be a free country. (That's a country where the people are free, not the stuff.)  Our ballot presence gives them a chance to stand and be counted--early and often!

What do Republican and Democratic Party politicians offer? No matter the campaign rhetoric, their end product has been a government with fewer restraints on itself and more restraints and restrictions--and burdens--on you.  The promise of Big Government is the promise of waste and corruption, of oppression, false imprisonment, fear, and destruction.  If it seems to you that Big Government delivers on that promise on a daily just might be a libertarian.

Libertarian philosophy boils down to one word: responsibility. A life of individual liberty and responsibility trumps one that is abdicated to a bureaucracy. Indeed, as dysfunctional as the human race has proven over the centuries, it has also proved that freedom is for the greater good.  That is worth repeating: if you want the greatest good for the human race, you want freedom--not fascism, or any other form of institutionalized slavery, where an elite few lord it over of the rest of the populace. 

Contrary to common opinion, Libertarians are no more idealists than they are realists.  Because the Declaration of Independence is right: the pursuit of happiness--of liberty, peace, and prosperity--is a noble one.  That is the promise of a libertarian society.  We offer that vision to the city of Los Angeles, to the state of California, and to the country.  Join us!

Party Links: (Here's you invitation to get involved!)

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Local (LA) libertarian organization(s):


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Libertarian Social Media:

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Welcome to the Libertarian Party of the San Fernando Valley!

Regular Meetings (January through October - 4th Thursdays): The LPSFV usually meets on the 4th Thursday of each month, now at Norms, 13636 Sherman Way in Van Nuys, CA 91405; gathering and supping at 7:00 PM, program at 8:00 PM; December "mid- holiday" meeting - 2nd Thursday

The LPSFV also plays host to the Dave Larkin Pub Club, an informal gathering of libertarians every 3rd Friday of the month from 7:00 PM until closing. Current venue: The Crabby Crab  4457 Van Nuys Blvd.,